Colony 43 is a 3rd person action shooter that takes place on Mars where you play as James Denton, a law enforcer whose mission is to find and apprehend Zil the Cyborg. Each level will consist of objectives you must complete while fighting your way through Zil’s army of robotic killing machines.

My teammates include Cameron Hughes and David Jung.

The music we currently have in place has a mysterious and creepy tone to it, suspenseful and hinting at conflict to come. I would like to keep that feel for the main menu and non-combat sequences of the game. For combat, however, we’re looking for something more heroic and symphonic. For reference, check out much of what Mass Effect has to offer (Mass Effect 3 – Combat).

Here’s a short list of what we would like, to updated as needed:


  • Main Menu / Intro theme (foreboding, pensive)
  • Combat music / Heroic and somewhat intense symphonic arrangement
  • Boss music / similar to the Combat music, but with much greater intensity


  • We may be able to find many effects for free, but we would like some mechanical bleeps and boops for menu screen and objective markers if you’re interested