GDC Swag


Most of my GDC swag. Could/should have grabbed more, but only so much time!


GDC First Impressions

GDC12 and my colleague Lawrence Ferretti at center!

Yesterday I managed to go to one panel down at GDC. It was an Indie Game soapbox session, which was really inspiring! The rest of the time i spent getting my bearing, and meeting some new people. Later in the evening I joined dozens of other industry professionals at the International Game Developers Association party at 1015 Folsom, where I had free food and a great time and met up with friends from school.

So, I’m having a great time at GDC so far! There’s still much to do, and I’m revising my schedule quickly before I head back down. Good times!

GDC 2012

The entrance to the expo floor.

I’m about to head down to Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2012! My goal here this year is to get a feel for the industry, learn about the latest trends, network with other professionals and maybe find a lead on a job or internship. Exciting!

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